Certified quantum cryptography training for business

On the 2nd day of the seQre2014 a certified QKD training for business will take place. Training will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of quantum cryptography. Quantum key distribution systems will be presented and available for active demonstration. The Laboratory of Quantum Cryptography within the WUT National Laboratory for Quantum Technologies together with CompSecur R&D will provide QKD systems for training purposes. Both the non-entanglement based systems and entanglement based systems will be presented.

The training is free of costs and will be conducted in polish language. Each participant will have an opportunity to familiarize with high-end technology in the area of modern information security. Also comprehensible theoretical lectures will allow to understand the most important issues connected with novel technology of quantum cryptography from business point of view.

After the training session each participant will obtain a document certifying acquired knowledge and skills.