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SEQRE.net is a Quantum Cryptography Research, Development and Commercialization platform for international community cooperation. The main focus of the cooperation is in further researching, engineering and industrially adopting Quantum Communication, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) as well as supportive technologies, such as Quantum Random Numbers Generation (QRNG), to enable information-theoretic unconditionally secure information processing and communication.

SEQRE platform has been deployed by CompSecur sp. z o.o. as the Quantum Cryptography commercialization vehicle after organization of the SEQRE 2014 Symposium on 27-28th January 2014 as a continuation of the cooperation forum of the Symposium participants that declared activity in the consortium for cooperation and monitoring of Quantum Cryptography Research and Development (more details available at http://seqre.net/seqre2014). Since the launch of the platform all interested parties and organizations active in the domain of QKD, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communication and Quantum Randomness research and commercialization may join the platform to engage in the scientific, engineering and industrial cooperation and to access its resources.

SEQRE platform features open-access technical knowledge and research results database (including technological developments in terms of hardware and protocol/software, commercialization, industrial adoption and deployments).

SEQRE QKD R&D platform is administered by the following Quantum Cryptography Research & Development Consortium:

upon a close cooperation with Austrian Institute of Technology (Wien, Austria) and IdQuantique SA (Geneva, Switzerland).

SEQRE platform administering consortium implemented government funded R&D projects in domain of quantum cryptography trial prototyping and deployments (including Quantum Key Distribution QKD and Quantum Secure Direct Communication QSDC) for strategic and commercial purposes:

"Research and development towards commercial applications of quantum cryptography in non-entanglement and entanglement based systemss" under the Action 1.4 of the Operational Programme for Innovative Economy of the Polish National Cohesion Strategy (supported by the Polish Agency of Enteprise Development PARP and the National Research and Development Center of Poland NCBiR).

Purpose of SEQRE.net platform is to support technological development and drive commercialization of Quantum Communication, Quantum Cryptography and QKD by stimulating international collaboration.