ETSI calls for Quantum-Safe Crypto

Nov 19, 2014


Current cryptographic principles use methods that have been relied upon for more than 20 years. However, such techniques were not designed to resist quantum attacks, because at the time of their invention, research into quantum computation was obscure and unknown to most cryptographic practitioners.

New cryptographic techniques have emerged in recent years that provide protection against quantum threats. These techniques are termed "quantum safe" and consist of both techniques based on quantum properties of light that prevent interception of messages, as well as classic computational techniques, all of which were designed to resist quantum attacks emerging from the rapidly accelerating research field of quantum computation.

Cryptographic techniques are commonly found in many industries and fielded systems, usually as a component of broader network security products. These commonly available security products need to be upgraded with quantum-safe cryptographic techniques. This paper explores some of the most pervasive security systems while giving practical recommendations for upgrading to a quantum safe state.

For further information, download the ETSI Quantum Safe Whitepaper.