IDQ launches the world's first quantum multilink encryptor

Dec 5, 2013


The CN8000 encryptor combines the Swiss Quantum security of ID Quantique and the classical Senetas multi-point encryption platform. ID Quantique SA (IDQ) announced the launch of the world’s first large-scale, high-speed encryptor utilising quantum random number generation and delivering the performance capabilities of ten 10Gbps high-speed multilink encryptors.

The new Centauris has been uniquely developed to cost-effectively protect traffic on large-scale multi-link data networks. With the outstanding performance capabilities of ten 10Gbps high-speed multi-link encryptors, the CN8000 will protect up to 100Gbps of multi-protocol network traffic.

IDQ’s CEO, Dr Gregoire Ribordy, stated that, "We are excited to launch the world’s first encryptor whose keys are based on the security of a quantum random number generator and which supports quantum key distribution for long-term data protection. Our goal is to provide our customers with maximum trust in encryption. With its Swiss engineering and quantum-based security, we are proud to give the CN8000 our Swiss Quantum label".

The Swiss-designed and -manufactured encryptor offers unparalleled cost-efficiency, performance and security benefits for organizations with large-scale network traffic and multiple high-speed links.

"This remarkable encryptor is a world-first. Now organisations seeking to minimize business risks and protect high volumes of data transmitted across multiple high-speed network links will be able to more cost-effectively implement enterprise-wide network encryption", commented Dr Ribordy. "The CN8000’s 100Gbps total capacity enables a simpler and far more cost-effective solution, because the CN8000 is ultimately performing the work-load of up to ten 10Gbps encryptors in one single rack-mountable unit", he said.

The CN8000 is an important development in the current climate of increasing threats to data in motion. Media revelations about the ease of intercepting transmitted information highlight how organisations of all types must protect their sensitive data by encrypting it. Government and commercial organisations’ data are increasingly exposed to risks of cyber-crime, such as financial loss, identity and intellectual property theft and serious harm to assets.

At the same time as these threats are growing exponentially, governments around the world are implementing greater data protection and breach notification regulations with a corresponding rise in penalties for data breaches. Therefore, companies and government agencies increasingly prefer to implement enterprise-wide network data encryption. In many cases the best option is to protect all data in transit by encrypting it, rather than selective network links. Because the CN8000 acts as the functional equivalent of ten high-performance 10Gbps encryptors in a compact 4U chassis, it is very attractive to financial institutions, major corporations, governments and technology service providers alike.

"Large organisations and technology service providers such as Cloud Computing and datacentre services are now able to more economically encrypt all their valuable data, without degrading network performance or having to juggle complex data classifications and regulations", Dr Ribordy explained. "All stakeholders will have greater peace of mind knowing that their organisations can implement a cost-effective "encrypt all" data protection policy.

Dr Ribordy added, "In addition the CN8000 offers long-term data protection and investment protection through IDQ’s world-leading quantum security technologies".

The cornerstone of encryption security rests in the generation, exchange and management of the encryption "keys" – much in the same way as the security of a lock depends on who has access to the keys and how easily they can be copied or broken.

Uniquely in the CN8000 encryption keys are generated by the embedded Quantis quantum random number generator to guarantee high-quality entropy (randomness) for protection against targeted crypto attacks. Additionally, the CN8000 can support "quantum cryptography" or Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). QKD uses one of the fundamental laws of quantum physics – that measurement of a quantum object induces perturbation – to provide an anti-eavesdropping mechanism that ensures the secure exchange of quantum encryption keys.

Unlike classical public cryptography which is based on mathematical principles and which is vulnerable to ever-increasing computing power; quantum keys are "future-proof" ensuring long-term protection of sensitive data.

In terms of performance the CN8000 also offers world-leading high-speed encryption with ease of implementation and on-going management, "set and forget" operation simplicity, consistent and near-zero latency, minimal data overhead; and zero impact on network infrastructure. Dr Ribordy concluded: "Interoperability with other IDQ Centauris family encryptors protects our customers’ investment and enables a seamless implementation of an organization-wide encryption solution."

Like all Centauris encryptors, the CN8000 will secure all data transmitted on Ethernet and Fibre Channel links – from high volume data-center interconnections through to branch offices in wide area networks. The CN8000 was co-developed with IDQ’s Australian technology partner Senetas to harness the performance and flexibility of the Senetas classical multi-point encryption platform.

About ID Quantique SA

ID Quantique is a leader in long-term data security, offering high-performance multi-protocol network encryption based on conventional and quantum technologies. The company provides network security products and services to banks, governments and other enterprises globally. IDQ also has a global footprint for quantum-based scientific instrumentation products (measuring devices for academic and industrial research laboratories) and random number generators. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

About Senetas Corporation Limited

Senetas is an Australian listed public company (ASX: SEN), specialising in high-speed network data encryption – protecting data in motion without compromising network performance.

Senetas high-speed data encryptors are the world’s only triple-certified products of their type – Common Criteria (Australia and international), FIPS (US) and CAPS (UK) certifications – certified as suitable for government and defence use. Senetas "defence-grade" encryptors protect much of the world’s most sensitive data.

Senetas high-speed encryptors protect: governement information and secrets; Cloud Computing services; defence and military information; commercially sensitive intellectual property; business and financial data; banking transactions; datacentre traffic; high volume CCTV networks; and critical industrial and infrastructure control systems.

Senetas uniquely designs, develops and manufactures in Australia. Senetas high-speed encryptors have market-leading performance characteristics and trusted to protect data in more than 25 countries.

These customers include highly secure organisations such as the US defence forces and banks.